Welcome to ShadowMC Network!
Our network is divided between three main game modes: Dragon Factions,
Mystical skyblock and Nomansland towny [​don't forget to vote]

[Dragon Factions]
We offer custom enchants kits and more, [​become the top faction] on F-top we have 1 season per 1/2 months. Build up your faction and overtake the top faction. As you strive to become the richest Faction and grow your empire and become immortal.

[Mystical skyblock]
[Mystical skyblock] offers more of a relaxing feeling, but you have to work hard and grind to get ahead in the Mystical skyblock Top Islands list. We also have custom dungeons that you could win crate keys from and a lot more, so what are you waiting for come join and [Mystical skyblock] see all of the fun things there are to do.

[Nomansland towny]

still in work

We hope to see you in-game soon!
and be one whit the family!

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